Tiles quilt (WIP)

Once again, I was inspired by a follow Instagram member to create this quilt top. I might have come across the combination of this two quilt blocks (hour-glass + nine patch) before but it’s really seeing the picture on Instagram that triggered my motivation. I had some blue Faffe Fasett stripes and a dark blue fabric in my stash that I though was perfect for this quilt.


I never done hour-glass nor nine patch block before. It was a good exercise for me.  For the hourglass, I followed this video tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Co channel. It is very well explained and I should have watch the nine patch tutorial before sewing up mine. I had some issue with figuring out the size of the stripes versus finished block. The nine patch didn’t end up being nine equal squares. I still loved the result and I practise (successfully) the nine patch later on.


Here is my top. I wish I had more fabric to add more rows as I love this pattern so much. I might add a blue border if I find a fabric that match.

IMG_6722I’m linking this top to WIP Wednesday link up party:



8 thoughts on “Tiles quilt (WIP)

  1. Lizzie says:

    Nice combination! Love the Kaffe Fassett and that super sapphire. Isn’t it amazing how much inspiration you can find on IG? I’m hooked!

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