My forest friends quilt for baby boy Elliot

Choosing fabric for boys is very tricky for me. I’m all about pink and floral patterns. So, when one of my friend announced me she was having a baby boy, I really had to scratch my head very heard to find an idea.

Luckily, I came across a craft book at the library (“Doodle Stitching – embroidery & Beyond) with a quilt that I really loved: the “Forest Friends Keepsake Quilt”. The colour palette was “boyish” enough (green and blues) and it had little x-stich embroidered animals details on some of the squares. What a cute idea!

I chose my fabric from a local craft store but I also included some of the discontinued sample fabric we had at work (I work in an upholstery workshop). As it is upholstery fabric, the fabric is way “ticker” than normal patchwork fabric and I love the texture it adds to the quilt.


Putting the quilt together was so fast: sewing rows of squares is very easy and quick. The next step was to add all these cute little animals. I draw the pattern on grid paper and embroidered on top of it. Once the x-stitch finished, I dampened the paper and took it out.


I love how it looked at the end. IMG_6191

To finish off, I used the service of a long arm quilter. I chose a nice leafy pattern that runs around each square. I love how it frame nicely each square. This picture is after the first wash, I was hopping for more crinkles but it will just build over time.


I chose a kiwi print for my backing fabric. My friend is French and has no idea what a kiwi is, I thought it would be a nice touch. As soon as I knew the little boy’s name, I embroidered a small label on the back with his birth month.

IMG_6556I bought a double bias binding and honestly, it wasn’t a great idea.The binding was so tiny I really had to fiddle around a lot to make it work, plus it didn’t “seat” properly (e.i each corner are very stretchy). Oh well, I still love it. But I won’t be using pre-made double bias, that’s for sure!


Ready to send over.


I can’t wait to see this quilt in good use.

I’m linking this quilt to: Finished Fridaylink

This week TGIFF is at Alyce’s blog “Blossom Heart quilts“.


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