The pin-wheel star (WIP)

For this top, l was inspired by Adrianne from “On the windy side” who was inspired herself by Rita from “Red Pepper quilt”. I love how quilters inspired each other on the online community.

I chose three different shades of pale green mixing it with some stripy pink. I bought those fabric in France, my mum sent them to me recently. I really want to use them as I don’t want them to travel that far again.


I absolutely adore half square triangles. In fact, that’s probably the only quilt technique I know. I am keen to experiment other techniques this year, to challenge myself a bit. I love half square triangles so much though, it would be difficult to go away from them. They are so versatile, so many cool patterns can be made out of them.


I just love lying all my HST on the floor and slowly discovering the shape appearing.


After a rainy afternoon of mad sewing, here is the top finished:


Did you notice my matching pink trousers?

I am not too sure how to quilt this top yet. I will probably do straight lines on my domestic sewing machine. I am scared though as I never quilt a big piece before. We shall wait and see. I will keep you posted.

I’m adding this top to:


PS: You can find Adrianne’s quilt top here and Rita’s here.


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