Heart appliqué quilt for Mum

This is a quilt I made back in 2012 when I was living in London. I set my eyes on a beautiful charm pack from Moda. The print and the colours were so delicate, I knew I wanted using heart shapes for this. I decided on making heart appliqués.


I was only doing one or two hearts per evening so it tooks me several weeks finishing them all. Don’t you love my little tin, so British, right?

Once all the hearts were made, I machine stitch them on calico squares. I bought so much calico in the hope of making screen printing at that time. Unfortunately, I never did screen printing, so I thought, it could be a good use of my calico stack.


I then sew all the squares together, alternating a heart square with a solid square. This picture isn’t great and the pressing is really lacking but you got the idea. IMG_5840

My mum’s birthday is in September and she lives in France in a beautiful vineyard region. You should see this region by Fall, it is splendid: the hills are coloured in bright yellow by the vineyard leaves. It was a bit late for the yellow leaves but I still took some pictures in the vineyard.

To finish the quilt, I just sew straights diagonals with my machine. I like the simple look. What bother me thought is this very wonky line in the middle. It was the first line that I sew and I didn’t trace it in advance. Ooops! Well, you learn from your mistakes and once I traced the lines, it looks so much nicer.

P1240652 P1240653 P1240656 P1240668

My mum was so surprised and happy about her gift. It was the third quilt that I made, she had no idea I liked quilts. Since then, I visited her couple of times and the quilt is always out in the couch or on her bed, she loves it!


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