Chevron quilt for baby Grace


I recently arrived in New-Zeeland from France with my husband.The plan, for now, is to stay one year. We are based in Wellington. We first “house sit” for the Christmas period, then moved to a share accommodation. I managed to sneak in a charm pack in my 30kg luggage allowance and, as my kiwi friend were having a baby, I couldn’t help but sewing a quilt for her.

At first, it was quite tricky to find a sewing machine, I actually used three different sewing machines to finish this quilt. I first bought a vintage second-hand sewing machine but it just lasted for two weeks. Bummer! Then my boss offered me to use his own sewing machine. It was very sweet but didn’t really work for me as his machine was more for “heavy” duties (he used to use it to fix camping gears or his boat sails). It turns out my flatmate had a sewing machine and she has kindly agree to leave it in the living room for me to use it whenever I want. Sweet!

I never done a chevron quilt before and I wanted to try for a long time. The colours on the charm pack were perfect for that design.


I’ve started sewing half square triangles and assemble them together.


The process was very smooth (despite the use of three different machines) and in no time, I finished the top. I decided to quilt zig zag lines to finish off. IMG_2024

As soon as I knew the name, I added a little embroidery on the corner. I like adding little personalised touch like this.


My friend was thrilled. She wasn’t expecting it and she loves the quilt as much as her little girl. Look how happy she looks. 
How cute. I absolutely adore seeing my quilts in use.


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