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Tiny post to let you know my latest purchase fabric-wise. These fabric came with the Mercer bundle (PS: a winner has been picked for the fat quarter bundle). I chose, from the westwood acres fabric online store, a fat quarter bundle of fabric. It is the “Nap cat” coordinating fabric. I don’t have the cat nap collection but I love the colour palette. A quilt idea is slowly growing for this bundle (it involves FMQ). I also purchase a new rotary cuter, a 45 mm. I previously used the 28 mm and my colleague keep saying to me that I should upgrade.


This polka dots bundle also came in the package because you never have too much polka dots, right? Yes, it was a good mail day for me. IMG_9254Hope you are enjoying your week-end and happy sewing!



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Irsish Chestnut

In May this year, I made my first Irish chain quilt with scraps that was donated to me (see WIP here). After my, not so well executed, nine patch on “Tiles” top, I thought I needed more practice. This one turned out well but I had no specific use for it, so it got lost at the bottom of my WIP bag.

In an effort to work on my finish along gaols for quarter 3, I pulled this WIP out and gave it to the long arm quilter.


I’m always amazed at how quilting change the spirit of a quilt and gives the quilt a soul. Yes, even all over computerised designs. I have nothing against them. This time, picked a leaf pattern as the tiny squares had some prints about forest, animals with autumn colours. The leaves made me think of an oak tree which is what I saw a lot as a kid during our autumnal week-end walk in the forest with my family.

Nine_patch_blockFor the back, I’ve used a solid brown that I had on my stash. As it wasn’t big enough, I added some lines of the squares you can see on the front. Little side story: The back was still not big enough and the long arm quilter told me to enlarge it. I didn’t have time to go back to my place, add borders and give it to her before closing time, so she let me use one of her sewing machine to do it. Ha, love my long arm quilter!

I picked a Lecien quilters basic for the binding. I would not use brown normally, but the colour scheme of those scraps was asking for it. I enjoyed working with someone else’s scraps as it put me out of my colour comfort zone and I really like the result.


Here is how the binding and quilting looks on the back: IMG_9309

Love it! I can totally imagine this quilt being used for a rustic picnic in the forest with a grandpa and a kid gone for mushrooms picking in an autumn day. You know? with a cute wicker basket…

Quilt Details
Finished Size: approx. 43′ x 43′
Fabric: Scraps donated by Deb + calico
Backing: Solid brown + more scraps from Deb
Binding: Lecien made in Japan
Pieced by: Me
Quilted by: Long arm quilter (All leaves 2 from Sweet dreams quilt studio)
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Three little boats sailing away to France

I have several friends with baby boys who are celebrating or about to celebrate their first birthday. We can’t be there for them but I thought I will make a little something for the boys to enjoy. IMG_8850 Selecting boy-ish fabric isn’t too easy in my girly-girl fabric stash. However, I really wanted to use what I had so, I pulled out four different fabric and I think it works. The only thing I bought this time was 1m of ric-rac. IMG_8857 I simply traced a simple boat on a piece of paper and used it as a template. Nothing difficult here. IMG_8862 I thought those tiny boats were too cute and could be used for a quilt block. I need to do a quilt boat now. IMG_8875 Joinining them together, adding some polyester fiberfill and voila: IMG_8880I added an embroidery for my little cousin. His name is “Tom” so it was nice to add a life ring for the “O”. I loved how they turned out and I hope the three little boys will like them too.

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XOXO quilt top

I give you an “X” and I give you an “O”, I give you XOXO! Hugs and kisses to you all!


After several layout sessions and reading your comments on the last XOXO WIP post, I finally set on this layout last week-end and I do believe it now works. Phew! It was certainly a challenge to mix all the random pinks together.

IMG_9261I would like to give you a little bit of background regarding this quilt design and ideas.

The fact that the fabric wasn’t selected by a particular harmonious design was done in purpose: A) lower my pink fabric in my stash, but more importantly B) I wanted to dedicate this quilt to all the anonymous people who have had an impact in my life, that had (by a big or small gesture) improved my life in a way. I feel sometimes that I have a lucky star above my head who is looking after me as I come across incredible generous people. Let me give you some examples:

-I travelled with my sister and brother in Estonia for 3 weeks. I am the eldest one so kind of in charge of them two (they were both minor at that time). We were camping and hitch-hiking from city to city. One evening, we arrived in one village and couldn’t find a safe place to put the tent up. We asked around if we could put our tent in someone’s garden. After several refusals, a couple opened their door and said: “of course, my house is your house”! Who say that to stranger, seriously? They told us we could use their garden for the tent and use their “guest sauna”. What? We were to shy to use it but still, what an incredible gesture.

-When my granddad passed away, I was waiting my then boyfriend at a train station. He called saying he missed the train and wouldn’t be able to make it. I start crying, just there, on my train station’s seat. Someone was sitting next to me and start talking to me. I would just move on normal circumstances but I was sad and wanted to talk to someone. I don’t even remember if this person was a woman or a man, I just remember that they spend 5-10 mins of their time talking to me to cheer me up.

-I travelled to Malaysia for few days on my own. I had two contacts from friends of friends of…. I didn’t know those two girls but they stayed with me the all time, being so kind and proud to show me their city around. I never thanks them enough for their beautiful open heart.

-I came to NZ 5 years ago during Christmas holidays. As I had a very tight budget, I was planning on using “couchsurfing” for the nights and hitch-hiking to travel from city to city. I explained my plan to the first person I stayed with and he told me: “Take this telephone. Every time you enter a car, text me the registration number.” What? What a great idea, how nice is this? Worrying for a stranger that you never met before.

-I recently moved to NZ with my husband. Someone following me on IG for a long time and knowing I liked to sew sent me a message. She said: “I know you moved recently, you mustn’t have a lot of fabric. Give me your address and I will send you some scraps”. It seriously made my day. Someone who realised that moving country isn’t easy and fabric wasn’t the priority at that time. How did she come up with this very thoughtful idea?

I have so many other examples across the years and I’m feeling very lucky and looked after. I sometimes think that I am not capable of being as generous as all these people have been to me. I mean, what would you do if someone start crying next to you on a train station? What would you do if someone ring your door bell asking to put a tent in your garden? What would you do if friends of friends are coming to your city for few days? What would you do if someone is moving across the globe?

I personally don’t know what I would do but surely not enough and not as much as all these people.

With this quilt I wanted to express how grateful I am towards all these amazing people (hugs and kisses), how amazed I am with their genuine open hearts. I’m really looking after them as an example for becoming a better person. I know there are horrible things happening in the world but I do strongly believe in the human race.

I hope I haven’t jinxed myself telling you all these :-)

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New in my stash: Mercer by Dear Stella + Giveaway

I’ve been eyeing the Mercer fat quarter bundle for quite a while. It was actually sitting in my “cart” from Westwood Acres store for some weeks. When I finally decided to press “continue to check out” the bundle wasn’t available any more. No! Why? It made me want this line even more. I mean, how cute is this seriously?


I then realised that the half yard bundle was still available. Eeeek! You need to know that I’m new to buy a whole fat quarter bundle, so buying an entire half yard bundle is quite a step. I decided that this line was worth it. Every time, I see a project with those fabrics, I’m in love.

When I received the package and opened it, I was immediately seduced. Still, I felt a bit self-conscious to have so much fabric at once. To celebrate my 200th follower on IG, I decided to share my bundle with an IG friend. I’ve met so many great and inspiring people on IG, I just wanted to give some love back. If you want to play along, pop on IG and share the picture, it’s open to new friends too :-) photo

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